Tune – R.S. 162 (The Gospel of Thy Grace)
  1. How many children say,
    “I’d like to go to heaven,”
    Yet never think that they
    Must have their sins forgiven,
    Before they can in glory be,
    Or Jesus Christ in glory see,
    Or Jesus Christ in glory see.
  2. None can to glory go,
    Or dwell with God above,
    Save they who Jesus know.
    And taste a Saviour’s love.
    The holy words of truth declare
    No other grounds of entrance there,
    No other grounds of entrance there.

Morning Hymnal with Jesus

Dear Jesus, sometimes I forget that all I need is to pray and keep praying. Thank You for loving and caring for me and my family. Forgiving me because I desperately need Your forgiveness and tender care.In Jesus Name. Amen.

Gospel Hymn Book NA 2001

Hymnal 19

Hymnal from GospelRivers.com

  1. Christ has for sin atonement made,
    What a wonderful Saviour,
    We are redeemed, the price is paid,
    What a wonderful Saviour.

    What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Jesus,
    What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Lord
  • I praise Him for the cleansing blood,
    What a wonderful Saviour,
    That reconciled my soul to God,
    What a wonderful Saviour.
  • He cleansed me from my guilt and sin,
    What a wonderful Saviour,
    And now He rules and reigns within,
    What a wonderful Saviour.
  • He walks beside me in the way,
    What a wonderful Saviour,
    And keeps me faithful day by day,
    What a wonderful Saviour.
Elisha A. Hoffman (1839-1929)

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience,

– Colossians 3:12

Morning Hymnal with Jesus

The Believers Hymn Book

Hymnal 316

  1. What grace, O Lord, and beauty shone
    Around Thy steps below!
    What patient love was seen in all
    Thy life and death of woe!
  2. For ever on Thy burdened heart
    A weight of sorrow hung;
    Yet no ungentle, murmuring word
    Escaped Thy silent tongue.
  3. Thy foes might hate, despise, revile,
    Thy friends unfaithful prove;
    Unwearied in forgiveness still
    Thy heart could only love.
  4. O give us hearts to love like Thee!
    Like Thee, O Lord, to grieve
    Far more for others’ sins, than all
    The wrongs that we receive.
  5. One with Thyself, may every eye,
    In us, Thy brethren, see
    That gentleness and grace that spring
    From union, Lord, with Thee.

Morning Hymnal with Jesus

You Hold Me Now

Written By: Matt Crooker and Reuben Morgan (Hillsong)

VERSE 1: On that day when I see

All that You have for me

When I see You face to face

There surrounded by Your grace

All my fears swept away

In the light of Your embrace

Where Your love is all I need

And forever I am free

PRE CHORUS 1: Where the streets are made of gold

In Your presence healed and whole

Let the songs of heaven

Rise to You alone

CHORUS: No weeping no hurt or pain

No suffering You hold me now

You hold me now

No darkness no sick or lame

No hiding You hold me now

You hold me now

VERSE 2: In this life I will stand

Through my joy and my pain

Knowing there’s a greater day

There’s a hope that never fails

Where Your Name is lifted high

And forever praises rise

For the glory of Your Name

I’m believing for the day

PRE CHORUS 2: Where the wars and violence cease
All creation lives in peace

Let the songs of heaven

Rise to You alone

BRIDGE: For eternity

All my heart will give

All the glory to Your Name

TAG: Your Kingdom come

Your will be done here on earth

As it is in heaven

Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth!

~Psalm 100:1